Reputation Management for Cannabis Dispensaries

Reputation Management for Cannabis Dispensaries

When managing your own cannabis dispensary, you need to be aware of the kind of reputation your company has within the public users. You need to have a great marketing department and a near to perfect strategy to maintain a good reputation among customers and the public. With the reputation a cannabis dispensary must maintain, they have to care with the stereotypes that exists in society.

Surviving the First Year

Once cannabis was legalized a lot of cannabis distributing companies came to life, and most of them broke within a few weeks after they started operations. There was so much competition and so much demand most of the companies did not know how to manage their services went broke because either their clients stopped buying their products because they could get a better-quality product for a cheaper price from another dispensary, or they simply could not run the company.

Managing Your Reputation

One of the best methods to maintain a good reputation in your company is by getting reviews from satisfied clients. If a possible customer searches for a review of your company, you better have a good review written by a happy customer or they will go on o the next dispensary they find. When dealing with cannabis its important you make sure your clients nor only receive quality, but you have to make sure they trust your company. When seeing positive reviews about your company, possible customers can see the company as the writer of the review sees it.


You cannot just put your ads on a highway where millions of cars see it (I mean you CAN but people have several stereotypes on cannabis and its consumers that may not be positive for your business). Websites like Facebook and Foursquare may be the best places to receive feedback on your product. There is a risk that you get a negative review, but that’s why your marketing department has to be checking this site often. When getting a negative review people tend to see your company negatively and that is not good for sales. It is important that you can address this negative review. Once the problem is solved, maybe the writer of the negative review writes another one telling the story of how the company helped him fin a solution to his problem.

If you have positive reviews and address your clients in a friendly way to maintain a good reputation, you can see how the sales scale with time. These happy clients recommend your dispensary to another possible customers, and when the possible customers become happy clients, you may see how the cycle repeats making your reputation better and better.