Merchandise Marketing

Merchandise Marketing

It’s been almost two years since there was huge changes to the laws making cannabis legal in 28 states.  This was brought about by the recognition of what cannabis can do to treat a number of medical conditions, despite that there is still a stigma attached to marijuana.  This stigma and the fact that there are still some prohibitive laws makes marketing your dispensary difficult.  Despite the difficulty there are some pretty clever marketing teams that have used merchandise marketing to build brand recognition.  Here are some more tips to market your business.

Define Your Audience

Most states have only legalized medical use, there are a growing number that allow recreational use as well.  Depending on where you are you need to decide which of these markets you want to specialize in.  A pot shop in Tacoma has done a fantastic job differentiating medical and recreational users as two very different demographics when it comes to marketing.  Medical users are more concerned with strains and the value they can get.  They want knowledgeable staff who can help them decide what will help their condition.   Recreational users are more concerned with price and the strength of the strains.

Avoid the Clichés

This is particularly important if you choose to market to the medical market, avoid the whole stigma associated with the stoner culture.  You can instead take a more sophisticated approach and choose to focus on branding.  Treat your product like any other specialty product rather than something only stoners would use.

Understand the Rules

While cannabis legislation is largely dealt with at the state level it is still illegal at the federal level and this is going to prohibit your advertising options.  This means that social media is largely off limits to you.  Merchandising however is not.  You can have hats, t-shirts or bags with your logo on them.  Merchandise marketing has been around for years and it is still highly effective, just as Nike.  Here is a closer look at the rules surrounding cannabis advertising.

Be Different

Branding is about setting yourself apart and making your name well known.  That means you can’t be just like every other brand out there.  This is why merchandise marketing can be so effective, you can make your brand stand for something.  Offer products that are better made, or classier than your competitors.

Branding can make or break your business.  No matter who you decide is going to be your ideal customers, remember that cannabis is such a new industry that you have the chance to blaze a new trail